Discover a first-of-its-kind talent development solution

Vayability™ uses scientific research and best practices to help high-potential employees form the right habits, behaviors and skills needed to be the best they can be.




Leverage a unique platform that’s built from the ground up

Vayability™ is specifically designed to make high-level talent development accessible to all levels of your organization, not just the executive suite. The platform’s practice-reflect-refine approach helps create results that stick with increased pull-through and learning transfer.


Discover a first-of-its-kind talent development solution

Vayability™ helps your high-potential employees improve in the following areas:


  • Assertiveness
  • Collaboration
  • Coaching
  • Influencing
  • Listening
  • Motivating others
  • Providing feedback
  • Self-awareness


  • Analytical thinking
  • Change management
  • Innovation
  • Risk-taking
  • Strategic thinking


  • Decisiveness
  • Driving accountability
  • Executing priorities
  • Planning/organizing
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Vayability™ combines weekly online activities with individual coaching and manager interaction for employees in need of leadership development and habit formation.

Vaya Group’s certified coaches curate and create level-specific content and exercises to foster individualized learning experiences for high-potential employees and emerging leaders.

Vayability™ utilizes neurolearning, leaderboards, social interaction and gamification to make learning interactive and keep participants engaged.

The Vayability™ platform can be used to complement and reinforce other organizational training initiatives.

See what strength in numbers is all about

When it comes to the effectiveness of Vayability™, the results speak for themselves. A recent Vayability™ survey with real-world participants found the following:


of participants viewed the program as helpful and valuable and said that they experienced positive change


of participants viewed the program as easy to use and said that it accelerated their development


of participants viewed the program as better preparing them for leadership roles

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There’s nothing like Vayability™ in the talent development realm.

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